Classes & Workshops

Infuse Glass Studio offers a variety of classes and workshops throughout the year including birthday parties, team-building workshops, girls night out and couples events.

By Lisa Falk
Plate Making

Learn the basics of fusing and slumping in this 2.5-hour introductory class. Many topics will be covered including Glass Cutting, Lay-up, Compatibility, Firing Schedules, Design Fundamentals and Color Theory. Price includes instruction, studio equipment, mold rental, firings and all materials to create one 8” x 8” plate.


All That Shimmers: Exploration of Iridescent Glasses

This is a 4-week series one day a week 2 hours per class with a one hour follow-up day included .  You will learn various techniques utilizing iridescent glass. Topics include; glass cutting, powder printing, kiln carving, and sandblasting. This is an introductory class that is perfect for anyone interested in learning the basics of fusing.  All materials are included.

$105.00 per class or $400.00 for the series.

Birds of a Feather Tile Workshop

Bring images of your favorite birds and create a unique 5" x 5" tile using sheet glass and accessory glass including frit, rods and stringers. This project is perfect for framing or displaying on a stand. All materials included(except for stand).


Sushi Set / Serving Set Workshop

Create your own unique sushi plate with matching dipping bowls or serving tray suitable for cheese or other snacks in this 3-hour introduction to fusing class. Price all materials and firings.


2014-04-10 16.39.02
Jewelry Design and Wearable Art

Create your own unique jewelry elements in this 3-day class. During the first session participants will make several pendants and/or earring blanks that will be fired in the kiln and ready for cold-working and re-firing. The last session will focus on mounting and finishing options to make your cabochons into unique wearable art. Dichroic glass will be available along with other interesting inclusion materials.

Price includes all materials excluding dichroic glass.


Designing with Part Sheets

In this 2-day glass fusing workshop you will make three part sheets using stringers, frit and powder that will then be incorporated into your final project on the second class meeting.  Part sheets will add interesting design elements to your work and stimulate your creativity. Price includes all materials and firings.


By Tracie
stained-glass workshop
Stained Glass Sun Catchers

Learn how to cut glass, use copper foil tape and solder to create a beautiful glass design that can be hung in a window to catch the light. This is an introductory class, no experience necessary. All tools and materials are included in this intensive 4 hour workshop.


Casting Frit Elements

Using frit to create design elements is the center of this fun and playful 2-day workshop. Choose from a variety of studio molds to create colorful, thin “cookies” of glass which provide interesting texture to your work, or work directly on the kiln shelf and create free-form designs to act as the center of a finished piece. All materials and firings are included


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Rainbow Pinwheel Bowl

Learn to cut glass with this Introductory Workshop where you will create a 6 inch pinwheel bowl using your choice of colors. This is a 2 hour class. All materials and firings are included.


Mother's Day Workshop

Create beautiful memories together as you and your child learn how to make a unique  7"x 7" plate or bowl and 5" x 7" picture frame in this 3 hour class. All materials and firings included.


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2014-02-10 14.55.36
Mosaic Frame Class

Enjoy creating a fun and whimsical 5" x 7" picture frame using various pieces of glass and frit balls. This is a great entry level 2 hour class. All materials included.


Celtic Knot Design Class

Celtic knots are complete loops without a beginning or an end, symbolizing the Celts' belief in the interconnectedness of life and eternity.  Learn how to make a 6" x 6" plate by using a dry glass powder and stencil technique in this is a 2-hour class. All materials and firings are included.