Trace Galbraith


Trace Galbraith is an artist and arts educator who began teaching fused glass at Fire Arts Center (Arcata, CA) in 2004.

She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in both Studio Arts and Arts Education in 2000 from Humboldt State University and her Teaching Credential in Arts Education in 2002. Tracie has taught in the public school environment including charter schools, elementary, secondary and adult education.

Her extensive art background includes developing curriculum in ceramics, textiles, fashion design, painting and printmaking. She enjoys helping students develop their artistic sensibilities through the art-making process in a supportive and positive manner. Tracie understands the personal struggles that can be associated with the process and pushes her students toward higher achievements.

In her own studio practice, Tracie likes to explore the materials unique qualities and is always expanding her palette with new ways of working. She incorporates her ceramics and mold-making background to create her work. Her most recent body of work has been focused on the casting of pattern-bars that are fired in the kiln and then sliced up and re-configured into unique works of art.